Past Programs (up to June 2014):

Meetings start at 7:15 p.m. in the County Fair Building at The San Francisco Botanical Gardens You can meet the speakers for a walk through San Francisco Botanical Gardens at Strybing Arboretum at 4:00 in front of the Botanical Garden bookstore (9th Avenue & Lincoln Way). If you're not a member, there is a Guest Fee of $5.

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 articles of interest by Jason Sampson that you might also be interested in....
        Landscape SA (Jan 2014):
        "Rainwater Harvest at Pretoria University" and
         Footprint Limited ( Jan-Feb 2014)
        "Green Engineering Creates a Living Laboratory --
          Rainwater Harvesting at Pretoria University"
          and a presentation he made at University of California Botanical Garden April 16, 2014
         "Cremnophyte Walls of the New Plant Sciences Building" (Pretoria University)


OctoberJohn Kipping on "Alaska"
SeptemberPlant Display and Discussion
AugustGersine Lohr "Old Irises"
July  Dylan Hannon "Behind the Scenes at the Huntington"
Marlea Graham "History of Roses"
Annual Meeting & Potluck

April Kevin Bayuk "Obtaining a Yield from Weeds:  Surprisingly Useful Allies from the Wildnerness" or "Plants for the Future of Agriculture: Perennials with Promise"
March Dan Heims - "Bonkers for Begonias"

Dan Heims covered the varieties and uses of the fascinating (and huge) family of Begonias. Rare species will be shown and discussed, from 2” tall yellow blooming terrarium plants from Africa  to 7’ tall giants from Brazil as well as hardy begonias. Care, culture,  and propagation will be revealed.

You’ll be amazed to see what might grow in your home garden!

Since 1973, Dan Heims has been deeply involved in all facets of  horticulture. He’s currently the president of Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.  —a company noted for its many new introductions to horticulture.

Clare Cooper Marcus - "Healing Gardens"
Professor Emeritus in the departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley, and partner in the firm Healing Landscapes, a consulting firm specializing in user-needs analysis in
programming, design and evaluation of outdoor spaces in health care settings, is internationally recognized for her pioneering research on the psychological and sociological aspects of land use planning and landscape design. She will discuss her findings from her book: "Healing Gardens: How the Design of Green Space in Healthcare Is Restorative to the Human Spirit."


Terrestrial Orchids of the World
by Ron Parsons

There is something fascinating and mysterious about seeing orchids in the wild, particularly the many species of terrestrials. Ground orchids occur throughout the world, not only inhabiting the regions where epiphytic and lithophytic species grow, but growing further north and south into temperate and cold areas including thirty five species in California. Ron will have wonderful photos and some growing information on these interesting plants.

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