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Pinquicula varieties
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Pinquicula varieties
Family: Lentibulariaceae
Common Name(s):
Grown by: Katherine Henwood, Pacifica

Four varieties of these butterworts were shown and illustrated some of the diversity of this large genus. Many species have only recently been discovered in Mexico. They are native to many regions of the world and even occur as far north as arctic Europe.

The flowers on the species primuliflora were white with wide purple edges; flowers on the cultivar 'True Blue' were small and white with a blue edge; and those on the cultivar 'Aphrodite' were large and purple.

Butterworts are often epiphytic in the wild and many, especially the Mexican species, are capable of becoming succulent during dry periods and survive on humidity alone. These Mexican species, unlike most other carnivorous plants, do not need acidic conditions. Most pinquiculas are very hardy.

Photo by Bruce Peters