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Protea neriifolia ‘Pink Mink’ and ‘Pink Ice’
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Protea neriifolia ‘Pink Mink’ and ‘Pink Ice’
Don Mahoney, San Francisco

The mink proteas are among the easiest to grow and are highly recommended for coastal California. The flowers are 6 inches long by 3 inches across and the tips of the flowers are fringed with many hairs. They are in a group called the bearded proteas. ‘Pink Ice’ is pink covered with white hairs while ‘Pink Mink’ has white hairs over a burgundy beard. These can become imposing plants up to 15 feet across and 6 feet high and are in bloom in late fall through spring. From South Africa, they are hardier than most proteas and can survive a light freeze. They need well drained acid soil and want no fertilizer.

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