California Horticultural Society awards scholarships to students who plan careers in botany, horticulture, landscape design, plant biology, plant genetics or other plant related careers and to persons who are engaged in a horticultural occupation who wish to further their education in the horticultural field.

Scholarships are awarded on basis of scholarship as evidenced by reported grades (and possibly by transcripts), and letters of recommendations; potential for contributions to the above named fields; character; aptitude; ability to succeed and financial need.

Scholarships are to be used toward tuition and /or necessary educational materials.

These are awarded to college or university students (including graduate and post-graduate) who are enrolled in one of the above mentioned fields of study at an institution with a recognized department in one of these subjects.

The maximum amount available is limited by the amounts available for disbursement and may be divided among several successful applicants.

California Horticultural Society expects that awardees will notify them of how the award was used and report their progress at the end of the semester.

It is recommended that applicants contact the Grants Chair by email to enquire about current status before applying. 

Interested students may find application instructions at <>
and suubmit an application to: 

        Charlotte Masson
        Membership/Grants Chair
        579 Los Palmos Dr
        San Francisco, CA 94127-2209


Applications may be submitted at any time, but awards will be made annually based upon California Horticultural Society's budget. You can ask the Scholarship Chairman for the current status..