The California Horticultural Society's
Seed Exchange

The California Horticultural Society's seed exchange is an opportunity for Cal Hort members to easily share their horticultural treasures with all other members. Seeds are donated during the fall before Thanksgiving and then organized and cataloged into a numbered list which is printed in our January Bulletin along with the official order form. Completed request forms must be received by March 1. All seeds are then distributed at the March meeting or by mail for those who can't attend.

Remember, the Seed Exchange is for Cal Hort members only.

Before Thanksgiving, send your donations, and any hard-copy photos of the seed plants, to:

Dave Tivol
140 Locksunart Way #1 (note:  new address for Dave)
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Digital images can be sent to


Seeds are ordered by number, not name, so old lists will be maintained on the website so that old numbers can always be matched to names.

Downloadable Seed Exchange List for 2018

The current 2018 seed list includes instructions for members' participation