Horticultural Conservation: The Preservation of special Forms

with Brett Hall, Manager, UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

Monday, April, 17, 2000

Co-sponsored with Strybing Arboretum Society
Through slides and narration, Brett will present the adventures of the UCSC Arboretum’s work selecting and conserving plant selections. Since special forms of plants appear in nature from time to time they are vulnerable and can easily disappear. Through conservation-minded discovery, collection, propagation, growing and distributing they may carry on. Among the plants to be discussed: Amborella trichopoda (molecular studies have determined it to be the most ancient angiosperm on earth), Epilobium canum, Fritillaria recurva, Calochortus albus, grevilleas, Microstrobus, Sisyrinchium, Tetratheca, Thomasia, ericas, correas