Here today – Gone tomorrow?: Hawaii’s Endangered Flora and Fauna

with David Liittschwager & Susan Middleton

Monday, September 18, 2000

Co-sponsored with Strybing Arboretum Society
A lecture and slide presentation by noted photographer David Liittschwager, whose works have appeared in National Geographic, Life Magazine, and The New York Times and Susan Middleton, former chair of the California Academy of Sciences department of photography. They will speak about their 15 year odyssey photographing endangered plants and animals. Over the last two years, in partnership with Environmental Defense, they have scaled sharp lava peaks and trudged through some of the world’s wettest rainforests to record the last surviving specimens of Hawaii’s endangered flora and fauna. The hope is that their magnificent photographs of Hibiscus clayi, (of which only three remain), or the Crested honeycreeper, along with other exquisite images will inspire people and governments to support efforts to save these irreplaceable species. Their compelling images are part of an Environmental Defense effort to protect what has been called “one of the rarest and most improbable living assemblages on the earth” as well as “the endangered species capital of the world.”