Hot Plant Picks at the SF Flower & Garden Show

Hot Plant Picks at the SF Flower & Garden Show

Happy Holidays everyone and see you in 2018. For those who wanted a copy of the announcement I read at our last meeting of 2017 (November):

Greetings, Cal Hortis!

This message is coming from the Western Hort Hot Plant Picks team.

Just in case you have not yet heard the news, the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show is returning to the Cow Palace April 4th to 8th, 2018. The owner, Sherry Larsen has rededicated the show’s focus on PLANTS! With that in mind, she has created a special area in the plant market for 14 small, specialty nurseries. The spaces are a little smaller and a little less costly than the full sized-spaces. She hopes that this will allow unique nurseries a chance to be a part of a show born in San Francisco. If this concept piques your interest, or if you know of a special nursery that might be interested, please contact me or the SF Show for more information.

You may be wondering how this effects the Hot Plant Picks exhibit? Well, Sherry Hall and Nancy Schramm, the HPP team leaders, are planning on taking advantage of this vendor opportunity and will be a part of this grand new specialty nursery area. That means we are going to be pretty busy this winter and spring! We will still be involved with planning the HPP exhibit, don’t worry about that! But it means that we will need some extra help along the way in order to make the exhibit as wonderful as it has been.

The sign-up sheet for shifts at the HPP exhibit will be available in January. Please try to sign up for a shift. Remember, it gets you into the show for free. In addition, I have ideas for some new nurseries that I’d love to have represented at the exhibit. WHS has been able to do all the organizing, requesting and transporting of plants for the last eight years, but this year we really need some extra help. Remember all those great plants you get after the show every year? Please consider helping us continue to get our hands on the coolest plants around. Call or email Nancy Schramm 408-847-2313