A History of Blake Garden

A History of Blake Garden

with Meghan Ray, Garden Manager, Blake Garden, University of California at Berkeley
Monday, April 18, 2022

Since 1922, the Blake Estate has been the site of intensive landscape design, plant experimentation, and horticultural creativity. From the initial design by landscape architect Mabel Symes and her sister Anita Blake, the garden was intended as a showcase for the rare and unusual, highlighting the range of plants that can be grown in the SF Bay area.

Many original photos and documents have been preserved along with inventories of garden plants and letters and articles written by the sisters. The combination of its early years as a private estate and its current use as a landscape laboratory make Blake a unique garden with a well documented history.

Meghan Ray is a horticulturist and garden historian. She has worked in botanical gardens for most of her career, first at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and then at the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley. She landed at UC Blake Garden in 2018 where she is currently the garden manager.

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