Coffee in the Garden – San Francisco

Coffee in the Garden – San Francisco

Sunday, June 20 • 10 a.m., Reiter garden
Open to members of California Horticultural Society AND Western Hort

Long time members Charles and Karen have invited us to visit their garden, with historic roots in the history of horticulture in the Bay Area and, significantly in the history of Cal Hort. (See our two articles “A History of Cal Hort” and “Cal Hort –The First 31 Years” for more info.) It is short notice but seeing everyone at our first live meeting in two years (Monday, May 16, 2022) inspired them to extend the invite now while their Echium forest is looking good. 

This event will focus on

  •  having time for an enjoyable visit with each other and in the hosting garden so we have not planned for any bonus gardens. There is always the SF Botanical Garden and Flora Grubb for those who’d like to extend their visit. 
  • Attendees who can are encouraged to bring a savory or sweet snack to share.
  • You are welcome to bring your own lunch to enjoy in the garden

Health and Safety: 

The garden is large enough for all who would like to come but you are encouraged to mask up anytime that feels safer for you. Please be sure you and everyone you come with is vaccinated. 

If you’d be willing to share your garden for a CitG even please contact Mark Delepine.