Annual Seed Exchange

Annual Seed Exchange

The annual Seed Exchange is an opportunity for Cal Hort enthusiasts to share their plants with the membership. Participation in the Seed Exchange is a benefit of membership; to receive seeds, you must be a current member of Cal Hort.

See the September Bulletin for details about the types of seeds we are looking for and where to send them.

Seeds can be donated at any time until the end of November (see the Bulletin for details). Contributions can be seeds of all kinds, from ordinary to rare, in great or small amounts, so long as they are likely to retain viability between harvest and distribution and can be sent without damage through mail.

The numbered Seed List is published in the January Bulletin—both in printed form and posted on line—along with the request form. Completed request forms must be received by the end of February in order for seeds to be distributed at the March general meeting or by mail for those who don’t attend.

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