Monthly Meetings

We are now hosting hybrid monthly meetings, in-person and online using the Zoom video conferencing software, though occasionally we host entirely on-line. We are posting the video of those meetings, when available on our  YouTube channel.   Members of Cal Hort along with our sister organizations, Western Hort and the members of Mediterranean Gardening International  (MGi) a receive the link to the meeting by email during the week prior to the meeting.  We’ve posted an article about how to attend here.

Our monthly meetings are normally held on the third Monday of each month, January through November, at the San Francisco County Fair Building, Ninth Avenue at Lincoln Way in Golden Gate Park.  Free parking is available behind the San Francisco County Fair Building on Lincoln Way.

Gardeners, professional nurserymen, amateurs horticulturists and academics all meet to share plant information and experiences during our Plant Forum, followed by an interesting featured presentation by an expert guest speaker.

General order of business:

  1. Walk in the SF Botanical Garden, often led by the guest speaker.
  2. Dinner break (Bring your own, visit one of the local restaurants, or sometimes we order in pizza!) 
  3. Plant Forum
  4. Guest Speaker presentation
  5. Q&A

Here’s a list of Recent Programs