Volunteer for Cal Hort!

Volunteering is a great way to get to know more members and find out more about our horticultural community at large.  If you are interested in helping us in one of these areas, please contact any Cal Hort Council member. We welcome new and old members!

Website Manager

The California Horticultural Society (Cal Hort) has recently redesigned its website. Cal Hort is looking for a volunteer to update various sections of the website as needed. The website exists on a WordPress platform that has been designed to be easy to use. The Website Manager will keep the website up-to-date by posting pages submitted from Council members and other active participants. Submissions will include items such as the Bulletin, seed exchanges lists, and other informational pages submitted to the web manager to integrate into existing templates and post on the website.

Newsletter Editor

Cal Hort seeks an Editor for the monthly Cal Hort Bulletin. The Bulletin is typically 2-4 pages long and includes photographs. The volunteer position involves receiving news, information, and articles from members and producing an online Bulletin to be posted on the website and printed for those who pay to have copies mailed to them.

Archives Restoration

Cal Hort has an extensive archive of historical information, including articles, photographs, and plant lists in older formats. Cal Hort seeks a person to work through the archive, section by section, to reformat the data to make it web-presentable on the new WordPress platform. The Archives Manager could recruit other persons to convert individual sections. Eventually, all archival information will be posted on the Cal Hort web site.

Plant Forum

Cal Hort’s monthly Plant Forum provides members with an opportunity to describe plants that they raise in their gardens and the level of care provided. The Plant Forum has great value because it describes how to grow specific plants in the San Francisco Bay Area, above and beyond what one would get from a nursery. Cal Hort wishes to put all the historical plant forum data online, including the plant names, photos, and descriptions. The Volunteer will create pages for the new website with easy to use WordPress software for each group of plants presented at monthly meetings.