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Bulletin – March 2021 – V88(03)

More than upcoming meeting announcements we now include links to blogs, podcasts, books and more written by or featuring our speakers Profiles of some of our international companion organizations Translating a web page into English (or another language) IPPS job opening Open a downloadable PDF ➜ March 2021- v88(03)  

Bulletin – January 2021 – V88(01)

Fun hat entries from the End of Year party! The World of Horticulture on Your Computer - links to resources from plant identification to virtual tours to yoga in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden Seed Exchange Request Form and  List Preview of next month's meeting topics for Cal Hort AND Western Hort Open a downloadable PDF … Continue reading Bulletin – January 2021 – V88(01)

Bulletin – October 2019 – V86(10)

Hooked on Foliage with Bart O'Brien Plants of Ethopia with Brian Kemble and Walker Young A Typical Hortisexual's Garden - Coffee in the Garden event A Visit to the Fair Cape, a four-day conference in Cape Town, South Africa, August 2020 Annual Seed Exchange information Open a downloadable PDF ➜ October 2019 - v86(10)