Passionate about plants, the places they grow and the people who grow them.

Passionate about plants, the places they grow and the people who grow them.

California Horticultural Society has been dedicated to bringing together gardeners and garden professionals, through meetings and other events, to share their experiences since 1937.

February Meeting

What’s Blooming After All the Rains?

with You, a garden forum for members and friends to share what is happening in their gardens (good and not so good) as well as an opportunity to give and receive garden advice.
Monday, February 20, 2023 – 7 pm
On-line only, members will receive a Zoom invitation
(if you are not a member but would like to be you can join here)

We all have great expectations for prolific blooms in our gardens after the atmospheric rivers we’ve experienced this winter. Share your garden plant successes that have benefited from all the rain. Are your plants blooming earlier than usual, despite the cool weather? This is also a session to ask questions about problems you may be having, share some advice on techniques, tools you love (or are looking for), and to share great sources for plants or seeds.

Our originally scheduled speaker, Paul Bonine, had to cancel due to an emergency.

Supporting Each Other

Plants do not recognize race, economic condition, or social class. Plants can take root in any spot where they can find sufficient sunlight and moisture. Appreciating and nurturing plants can reduce stress, provide food, and promote community.

Nurturing plants can be for everyone, everywhere. Spending time around plants—gardening, spending time in a park, hiking through trees, or playing in a meadow—is good for mental health, promoting relaxation and relief from stress and worries. There are physical benefits to sunlight, fresh air, soothing scents. 

Whether you have a full garden, some house plants, or a few herbs on your windowsill, we encourage you to take time to appreciate the colors, textures and, and to share your interest with others. Share photos and web links, offer horticultural help and advice, talk to young people about gardening, growing food, and the role plants play in our world. We can all help shape the future for good.