(the six most recent issues, from newest to oldest)

Bulletin – May 2021 – V88(05)
  • Details about the upcoming meetings, both ours and Western Horticulture’s, including an extended description about what Baja California can teach us about the value of fog to plants.
  • Links to articles and podcasts where you can learn more about our speaker for June, Sula Vanderplank, and the flora of Baja California.
  • News from our international partners.
  • Job Listings in the Bay Area and beyond.

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Bulletin – April 2021 – V88(04)
  • Detail about the upcoming meetings, both ours and Western Horticulture
  • Part 2 of our profiles of our international companion organizations
  • How to keep our emails out of your junk folder
  • How to add a virtual background to your video chats
  • News from Bay Area public gardens

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Bulletin – March 2021 – V88(03)
  • More than upcoming meeting announcements we now include links to blogs, podcasts, books and more written by or featuring our speakers
  • Profiles of some of our international companion organizations
  • Translating a web page into English (or another language)
  • IPPS job opening

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Bulletin – February 2021 – V88(02)
  • Preview of next months Cal Hort and Western Hort meeting speakers with links to related podcasts and blogs
  • Photos from member gardens
  • Seed Exchange Request Form and  List information

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Bulletin – January 2021 – V88(01)
  • Fun hat entries from the End of Year party!
  • The World of Horticulture on Your Computer – links to resources from plant identification to virtual tours to yoga in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
  • Seed Exchange Request Form and  List
  • Preview of next month’s meeting topics for Cal Hort AND Western Hort

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Bulletin – November 2020 – V87(11)
  • Farewell to 2020 (online) Party!
  • Special date and time for November presentation by Carlos Magdalena, the Plant Messiah
  • Cal Hort speaker presentations available on YouTube
  • Plant Forum photos and notes available online.
  • Time to send in yours seeds for our Annual Seed Exchange!

Open a downloadable PDFNovember 2020 – v87(11)


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