Plant Forum

Plant Forum

Since the first meeting of the Society in the 1930s, several thousand different species of plants have been shown and discussed.  Sharing personal horticultural experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area we consider to be the ‘bedrock’ of Cal Hort. During our Monthly Meetings, after various announcements, this is our first order of business.

Comments and questions from the audience are welcome and encouraged.  Experiences in the diverse micro-climates of the SF Bay Area are discussed.

Links to downloadable PDFs of the Plant Forum presentations

Procedures for sharing at the Zoom meetings:

  • Take photos, make a digital slide show or create a video of a favorite  from your garden—a special plant, a long cultivated garden arrangement, a serendipitous horticultural occurrence—to share. You can capture a plant at it’s peak anytime between now and the day of the meeting.  Or, if you want, to give a short tour of your garden, we would love to see it. You can share as much as you want within you time limit (see below). If we have more time afterwards, we can return to you once everyone has had their turn. Pictures or video ensure the best quality visual experience for the audience as the quality of live-streaming can vary.
  • Time your presentation to fit in five minutes. If we have more or fewer who want to share, that time allowance may change.
  • Please have your picture or video in a separate folder ready to open without delay when it’s your turn. We will share your screen.
  • Your video, photo or slide show can include a recorded narration, or you can mute the video and narrate in real-time.
  •  Email Ellen Frank with the subject line “Show and Tell” plus your name to get on the list of sharers. In the body of the email, give Ellen an idea of what you will be sharing to allow her to make a schedule and keep the ball rolling from sharer to sharer.
  • If you have questions, please contact Ellen Frank. We can have a practice session if that would be helpful.
  • This part of our meeting will also be open to our guests at Western Hort, with priority to Cal Hort members if there are too many who want to share.

    For information about attending meetings via Zoom see our article here.

In the past, the names and descriptions of these plants were published in a newsletter, and, during a period of time, placed on a former version of this web site.  We are working to bring that information onto this new web site—look for updates as this process continues. To assist this effort, we ask that each presenter provide information on the linked form (which can be filled in by hand or using the ‘fill and sign’ function of your Adobe Acrobat reader).