Plant Forum

Plant Forum

Since the first meeting of the Society in the 1930s, several thousand different species of plants have been shown and discussed.  Sharing personal horticultural experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area we consider to be the ‘bedrock’ of Cal Hort. During our Monthly Meetings, after various announcements, this is our first order of business.

Comments and questions from the audience are welcome and encouraged.  Experiences in the diverse micro-climates of the SF Bay Area are discussed.

Plant Forum Plant Description Form

Links to downloadable PDFs of the Plant Forum presentations

Procedures for sharing at the Zoom meetings:

  • Complete the Plant Forum Submission form and download the completed form to attach to your email.
  • Email pictures of your plant, flower, tree, bug, visiting birds or your garden plant combinations (photos taken on your mobile phone are fine) along with your completed form to Ellen Frank at Please add the Subject “Plant Forum [your name]”
  • Submit form and send images no later than 5 p.m. on the Sunday prior to the Meeting.
  • If you have questions about participating in the Plant Forum, please contact Ellen Frank. We can have a practice session if that would be helpful.
  • If we receive more submission than can be handled during first half hour we may be able to take time after the featured presentation to continue the discussion and share the rest of the submissions.
  • The slide presentation will be posted to be viewed or downloaded from our Plant Forums Slide Shows page within a week or so following the meeting. The video, which includes all the discussion, can be seen in the Meeting videos posted on our YouTube channel.
  • For information about attending meetings via Zoom see our article here.