Annual Seed Exchange

Annual Seed Exchange

The annual Seed Exchange is an opportunity for Cal Hort members to share their plants. Participation in the Seed Exchange is a benefit of membership; to receive seeds, you must be a current member of Cal Hort.

Seeds can be donated at any time until the end of November. See the September Bulletin for details about the types of seeds we are looking for and where to send them. Contributions can be seeds of all kinds, from common-place to rare, in great or small amounts, so long as they are likely to retain viability between harvest and distribution and can be sent without damage through mail.

The numbered list of seeds donatedt is published in the January Bulletin—both in printed form and posted on line—along with the request form. Completed request forms must be received by the end of February  and the seeds will be distributed by mail. There is a $5 fee to cover shipping and handling.

We’re trying something new this year! A generous donor, Uli Urban, has provided seeds with limited viability, which must be sent out and sown promptly.

According to Uli, “The seed will be viable until mid December but then it should be sown immediately. Viability is one aspect, another is that the growing season for the young bulb gets shorter and shorter if sown later and later. Growth and bulb increases will invariably be stopped by the onset of warm weather in spring. Shading and careful watering can prolong the season a little. But if the growing season becomes too short the young bulb will be too small and will not survive its first summer dormancy, which is the critical time.”

Available seeds/bulbs
Albuca fragrans: not fragrant; tall; yellow flowers
Anemone palmata: wild collected on lime soil
Campanula primulifolia
Iris reichenbachii
Iris xiphium: wild collected; blue flowers
Iris xiphium var lusitanica: bright pure yellow flowers, but open pollinated and may produce “Dutch Iris” in differing colors
Narcissus bulbocodium: wild collected
Veltheimia bracteata

You must submit your request  for these seeds no later than Tuesday, November 24.  Please send a list of the seeds you want, $5, preferably a check for $5 made out to “California Horticultural Society”, but we will accept cash if you care to risk it,* and your return mailing address, by mail to:

Dave Tivol
130 Locksunart Way #2
Sunnyvale CA 94087-4666

Be sure to include the fee of $5 (which we will also apply as your fee for the regular 2021 Annual Seed Exchange, for which the seed list will be published in January), without which the request is incomplete. 

*Unfortunately, we do not accept electronic payments at this time.

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