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Bulletin – January 2022 – V89(01)

  Annual Seed Exchange Seed list and request form! Cristóbal Elgueta is back to build on his well received presentation last September, Reports on our successful in-person Plant and Book Sale and our End-of-Year party online Member recommendations for horticulture-related books, podcasts and blogs. …and more Open a downloadable PDF ➜ January 2022- v89(01)Clickable links … Continue reading Bulletin – January 2022 – V89(01)

Bulletin – November 2021 – V88(11)

Details about our in-person plant and book sale this month. News about Western Hort's November presentation, our End-of-Year Party and info about our January featured presentation by returmning speaker Cristóbal Elgueta  A request  for your thoughts on Cal Hort resuming in-person garden visits. …and more Open a downloadable PDF ➜ November 2021- v88(11)Clickable links on … Continue reading Bulletin – November 2021 – V88(11)

Bulletin – October 2021 – V88(10)

Details about the October Cal Hort and Western Hort meetings Exciting news about our upcoming in-person plant and book sale and our End-of-Year party! Highlights from the September Plant Forum A chance for you to share your thoughts on Cal Hort resuming in-person garden visits …and more Open a downloadable PDF ➜ October 2021- v88(10) … Continue reading Bulletin – October 2021 – V88(10)

Bulletin – September 2021 – V88(09)

Details about the upcoming meetings with links to related information What you need to know about participating in the Annual Seed Exchange New edition of Bizarre Edible Plants Neighborhood Plant and Seed Libraries …and more Open a downloadable PDF ➜ September 2021- v88(09)  

Bulletin – March 2021 – V88(03)

More than upcoming meeting announcements we now include links to blogs, podcasts, books and more written by or featuring our speakers Profiles of some of our international companion organizations Translating a web page into English (or another language) IPPS job opening Open a downloadable PDF ➜ March 2021- v88(03)  

Bulletin – January 2021 – V88(01)

Fun hat entries from the End of Year party! The World of Horticulture on Your Computer - links to resources from plant identification to virtual tours to yoga in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden Seed Exchange Request Form and  List Preview of next month's meeting topics for Cal Hort AND Western Hort Open a downloadable PDF … Continue reading Bulletin – January 2021 – V88(01)

Bulletin – November 2020 – V87(11)

Farewell to 2020 (online) Party! Special date and time for November presentation by Carlos Magdalena, the Plant Messiah Cal Hort speaker presentations available on YouTube Plant Forum photos and notes available online. Time to send in yours seeds for our Annual Seed Exchange! Open a downloadable PDF ➜ November 2020 - v87(11)