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Bulletin – September 2021 – V88(09)

Details about the upcoming meetings with links to related information What you need to know about participating in the Annual Seed Exchange New edition of Bizarre Edible Plants Neighborhood Plant and Seed Libraries …and more Open a downloadable PDF ➜ September 2021- v88(09)  

Bulletin – May 2021 – V88(05)

Details about the upcoming meetings, both ours and Western Horticulture's, including an extended description about what Baja California can teach us about the value of fog to plants. Links to articles and podcasts where you can learn more about our speaker for June, Sula Vanderplank, and the flora of Baja California. News from our international … Continue reading Bulletin – May 2021 – V88(05)

Bulletin – April 2021 – V88(04)

Detail about the upcoming meetings, both ours and Western Horticulture Part 2 of our profiles of our international companion organizations How to keep our emails out of your junk folder How to add a virtual background to your video chats News from Bay Area public gardens Open a downloadable PDF ➜ April 2021- v88(04)