About Cal Hort

The California Horticultural Society is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together gardeners and garden professionals to share experiences. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities for California gardeners and horticulturalists.

Affectionately known as ‘Cal Hort’ to its members, the Society is the oldest association of its kind in California. In the winter of 1932-33, an unusually frigid air mass withered gardens in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. A small group of concerned gardeners met to compare plant survival information, and they became the nucleus of the present Society.

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Many years ago, the need for an outstanding garden magazine dealing with the Pacific Coast made itself known. At the time, Cal Hort’s Bulletin was filling that need in a stop-gap sort of way, but was limited to the state of California. In response to this need, Pacific Horticulture magazine was born and has been a stunning example of beautiful garden photography coupled with excellent and expert articles accessible to professional and lay-gardeners, alike. We at Cal Hort are proud of the connection we’ve had with Pacific Horticulture for all these years.  We continue to support them as an affiliate member as they are changing their organizational focus to People Connecting with the Power of Gardens.